Outer Space

Outer Space

We had a brief run in minutes ago with police in the outskirts of Colorado Springs, there was a car with nobody in it, a trashbag the size of a person in the passenger seat and multiple police cars and men with suits in ties in the woods. We put the pieces together and decided when so close to a city, it might be best to avoid the remote area entirely. It was all for a reason because we got hit with a torrential downpour and hailstorm that made dirt roads treacherous.

This was quite different from the past few weeks…because we are back in the woods again! We had just spent a few days with Jason, Travis and their three dogs who are all incredible beings. Jason helped us get the sway bar linkage and cooling system hoses replaced on the truck, both of which gave out during our brief trip to New York for family matters – which is why we took so long getting anything posted on here. Jason is excellent at many things, including computer systems, smoking meats, and general problem solving. In the 48 hours we were at his house, he wanted to fix the truck, tile the floor of the camper, fix the roof vents, landscape the backyard, smoke ribs, burgers, brisket and make sushi. After an amazing few days in Colorado Springs with Jason and Travis, we are so excited for wild forests.

What seems like yesterday we were in Utah and although did a mad dash across the Country we would like to bring up some great young men we met. We met them outside of Moab as they travelled the country in a van. Tyler was the mastermind of their trip and owned the van before he enters “corporate life”. Thomas was extremely well read and a fascinating example of how different pasts can discuss sensitive issues who can argue both sides of points and agree and disagree as fit, yet not be afraid to change view-points. I certainly changed some of my view points talking with this young man. Sam looked like he came straight out of Marine school, muscular, crew cut hair and then he opened his mouth. The dry desert air I believe made his throat act up and who I expected to be a drill sergeant was actually a broad thinking gentleman curious and excited about life. It was a pleasure meeting them and I appreciate them coming over to our campsite the first night to strike up a conversation.

Now we are back in Colorado as we brought up earlier; where pine trees never seem to quite hibernate through the seasons, though are very well aware of opportunities to grow and produce pine cones, that smell of spring is very evident in this ponderosa pine forest. Sometimes it is decent to emulate trees in the way that you physically get something accomplished, yet weathering the winter storm ultimately is more important to survival. The accomplished tree produced a pine cone for the world to interact with. A gray squirrel drops a cone in front of your path as a deer nibbles in the field below, the wind in your hair as the trees sway “yelling” hush, shush as you remain quiet while the sun momentarily blinds your eyes forcing a tear and sometimes a sneeze.

Our winters and summers seem to manifest in space. It’s something that’s brought up often, more space. Space in so many forms, and the second the road noise disappears and the trail narrows in and all you can see is the remnants of the world as it wishes to be, the inner smile starts to grow and soon your heart is skipping and the beautiful truth lays in front of you, a place where the word honesty has no meaning because dishonesty doesn’t exist. And the quiet but also overwhelming feeling of space blankets every facet of existence.

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