Freedom to know why

Freedom to know why

I had neglected to write much about why we are doing this outdoor adventure simply because I didn’t really know. I was scared of the reasons, scared relatives and friends might judge me for them. The familiar word is freedom. So freedom from what? We still have bills to pay, credit cards and student loans. We buy fuel, food and truck and RV fixes. The only real difference is relying on a vehicle as a house rather than a house that doesn’t move well. Houses that stay in one place make for modern civilization and business. On the road the task of making money is quite difficult and we haven’t found a way quite yet to make enough money to sustain this lifestyle indefinitely. Last night it occurred to me that a lifestyle of freedom is possible. Freedom from the mind could be achievable. If the mind is free, what does my soul desire to be fulfilled? What do all of our souls have in common?

Why is the outdoors so free? I think the progression of events make sense, they flow. Something about it that brings you to your most honest state, maybe recognition of your soul in that flow. I enjoy having what I not only brought but also what is around me just like everyone else. Without city stores or infinite money what is around me is limited. That is freeing to my mind. The simplicity, the harshness of the natural world includes nature and modern civilization. Time spent within the bounds of nature instead of overcoming the common boredom with distractions. The mind can get bored but never the soul.

Family is extremely important to us all. But the soul must be free and the mind not winded up with extracurricular activities. We met what could have been the first of this free outdoor family in our lives just last week. Family doesn’t just fix loneliness, they work as a team with no expectation of a favor ever being returned. No life can be complete alone, especially in this age. Spreading soul caring and desire to help because it is interwoven with your heart and for no other reason makes for a productive and healthy family. We left the family at large to spend some time in the woods alone and free our souls so that we can be good, productive, and healthy when we return. The desire to be part of something larger sometimes requires a step back and reevaluation; which then brings freedom.

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