Grand Tetons

Grand Tetons

We are camped just outside Grand Teton National Park. We chose a spot from fellow friend and blogger’s recommendation that meets the ideal criteria. It is free, it has a great view, it has adequate cell and internet and is quite peaceful. This morning a contracted helicopter for the Forest Service has been running fire drills where they suspend two employees below on a rope and carry them across the landscape. It certainly is a nice landscape.

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Going for a walk in the woods we never found a better view than right where our camper is parked. We can’t go into the park and walk around due to the restrictions of dogs, but the views and hiking from a little ways away make up for it. Not to mention we aren’t paying a penny to stay here.


Before Grand Tetons we spent some time in Sun Valley Idaho where we had no cell service whatsoever. It was a great spot our friend Kyle showed us and we once again camped near a river. Kyle is the kind of person that owns a two year old husky that is better behaved than our eight year old dog. Not due to how strict he is, but due to his extremely calm and methodical demeanor. Nothing is an emergency in this dogs life, so there is no need to get too worried. I believe it was while sitting around a campfire that Kyle said something that has stuck with me. He said that we almost always take the things we think in our minds as true and factual. In reality, they are generally not so. We may blow something up to be a big deal, or believe our reactions to situations are justified, but we rarely have all the information available to fully understand things. For some reason, this thought calms me down quite a bit.


The two nights before we spent in the driveway of Kyle and Caroline’s house where they had Frontier Ruckus come play a concert in their backyard. I hadn’t heard of Frontier Ruckus before, but the idea of inviting a band and a bunch of strangers to come to your house, cook and feed them shows what kind of character Kyle and Caroline are made of.


I got a personal lesson on how to play a Stanley wood saw with a violin bow. It sure makes a fairly creepy but incredible sound. At the concert Haley jumped into action with cat like curiosity to interpret why a saw was making such sounds.


Stay tuned for an upcoming post on the art of pooping without running water.

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