Standing up for the Present

Standing up for the Present

The News. I get it now when I log into Facebook when somebody posts something like “what happened was horrible today my heart goes out to the victim.” Just last night I spoke with a man around our campfire, we laughed at how if the world ended at least in human terms we would be the last to know. We spend much time outside of cell or internet service, and when we do have it we NEVER look at the news. I can tell you that I know what is going on with the world by just talking with animals figuratively. Communication is open to those ready to listen, and if you’re looking for a fiction story animals can’t provide. Now the news provides some fact you say, like another shooting. I just jumped onto CNN today for a laugh. I read a headline that said; man dies repeatedly after disaster strikes. I feel this needs no further elaboration, so my input is to say please use your intuition when being forced information. I shut the computer and told myself once again why the news is not helpful to our peaceful living. With every shooting fear gets promoted. Fear a shootout is around the corner, fear anybody carrying a gun. I fear those that buy guns because they hear of a shootout on the news and think the government will take their rights away from them. Yet I reason with them because they are probably not wrong, we live in a world of uncertainties. Many animals fight each other, we just found a way to take communication out of the picture with a trigger.


I have so little fear living in the woods. I’ve left the keys in the ignition with everything I own in the truck and gone on hikes more than I’d like to admit. I meet new people almost every day and they are genuine and open and honest. Don’t get me wrong, I am just saying that my conversations with humans don’t generally debate news headlines. We talk of things that matter to us, which is life, lessons learned and death on arrival of being born.


I want to open your eyes but I can’t. That’s your room to walk through not mine. I hear gunshots quite often here in the woods, and I know once I hear the sound I have not been shot by the bullet that is already further along. I don’t fear the sound, I keep my keen senses of people acutely intact. People that demonstrate an unpredictable nature can be seen with a quick glimpse of the eye. Those that make apologetic eye contact are best left alone most of the time. I know living in a house I used to make that latter eye contact and so did my neighbors. I barely knew their names. In two hours sitting with someone in the woods I can determine if we will be lifelong friends or just acquaintances. Why this is so I can only fathom.


Maybe we are dis-armed by being in the woods, we aren’t ashamed of our grass being tall or items strewn about with very little care for looks. I am one of the MANY college grads that is young, had a job, had a house, and then figured out how to not quit our day-dream job. I am happier than I’ve been in many years, I have almost no schedule nor time to think about one. That is right, my time is too pre-occupied in living in the present that I desire nothing further most often. Sometimes the hundred bugs on my face and biting at my ankles get me rather excited. Quickly I realize that if such a small thing can bother me, the small things will win over my present so fast I am living in the future already. I stand up for my present land of the free, born and unafraid.


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