Realization or is it relaxation when you realize today is just another work day on the road. Except for a couple of odd jobs here and there I haven’t worked in a full year. What I get in return is temporary; this morning it is sitting by a smoldering campfire watching the Colorado river drift by as the loons and ducks catch fish from the rising waters after last night’s rainfall. I went to bed with coyotes howling, and spoke with a few friends checking in to ensure we are all ok living remotely on the road. December is a hard time for many Americans and those living on the road have little if any room to receive presents but the gift of warmth and food. I offered a man I had met this year $150 in fuel money so he could drive further south as this year has been fairly cold to us. My friend declined due to pride and the very fact he had a woodstove in his trailer.


We have been out of a house since April 1st, and in a tiny home the size of a small bedroom before that. I guess I forgot what it must be like in a house, I still interact with friends that have them, and I fear what concerns them no longer concerns me. I don’t have job security, house insurance, neighbors or matters of the yard to worry about. My income is still staggering to me as it is paid in time put into society when I did have a job.


My sense of discovery went on a huge revelation this year. I used to want to drive all over to see the world. Christopher Columbus fell into that trap too, but I found a quiet spot right here next to a river with nobody around and it has more than I could offer it for a years time. I consider this temporary residence home, and within the first hour of arrival I am picking up bags and bags of trash from previous residents. I pick up trash for four reasons; 1. I like the feeling of discovery and emptiness from human consumption, something I can only feel when a site is clean of manmade plastic. 2. If someone before me littered it reflects poorly on any of us who wish to make a life living in nature. 3. All animals make me smile. I have something to learn from them all, and they mistake trash all too often as edible (just ask my dog) therefore their lives are made short or miserable due to trash being left behind. 4. Order, I somehow enjoy order. If I throw bricks over my shoulder they will not make a brick wall just as in nature plastic will not make a good living environment.


So where have we been this year? Hawaii of course, then Las Vegas where we learned how beautiful people are and our truck Jess was born into our family. Utah where we met such friendly individuals, ate my first rattlesnake and got snowed on often. Arizona where we met Bob Wells and his tribe of Rubber Tramps then off to Idaho to see the remote areas and flies that come with cattle ranching. Wyoming where we met people from Australia who continue to be an inspiration teaching us how to dry firewood and a lucky Ranger who drove up just as we were dumping freshwater out of our sewer hose. It turns out that is illegal as well but the lovely ranger had a long chat with us and issued us a warning instead.


Colorado. I could write for years on this one area of the planet. It’s full of people, but for good reason.


Now we are back in Arizona but from the view this morning as I sit on a sandy beach, large river thirty feet away and trees everywhere you would hardly notice. Oh it’s 60 degrees out and we are ringing in the new year tonight. Maybe that’s my clue.

Happy new year, in 2017 I wish for some income either financial or in direct trade for food, fuel and gear. If you have any advice I’m not only listening, but our readers are our life currently. They may not pay us in money but they sure pay us in smiles. A few of you have reached out to us and stated you’re thinking of moving out of your house in 2017 and state in no small part have we influenced you. See you on the road 🙂


Want to meet us?  See this interview of us done by Bob Wells 

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