Work, Gatherings, Newness!

Work, Gatherings, Newness!

Since we last wrote we attended the Winter Rubber Tramp Rendezvous in Quartzsite Arizona and my mother and father attended as well. There were about 500 of us living out of our cars, Vans, RV’s and even a few of us that live in a pickup truck and cargo trailer. It was engaging and exciting and also very exhausting.

Just as we began to create our own youtube channel my computer broke, it took awhile to get a backup computer running well for our needs. The last post I wrote about not having worked in awhile and that began to become stressful, our savings account keeps going lower and initially we would drive wherever we wanted, eat whatever we wanted but this is no longer the case and we have spent significant time trying to make some money on the road which lead to not a whole lot for us to write about here.

We found a job hosting a campground in the National Forest for I think 50-60 hours a week at minimum wage which is actually pretty good money for people that just want to buy good food and upkeep their vehicle. That job starts when the snow opens the roads and the people that take summer vacations go to camp with a whole lot of people in a secluded area. Our job is cleaning bathrooms, firepits, checking people in out and such.

There may be possibilities to work on the road, but it is quite hard to convince an employer you are a solid individual when you live in your truck down by the river. When I am working I prefer to work at the top of my capability which means cubicle jobs take me between 1-2 hours a day and I have to spend the rest of the 6-7 hours pretending to work which kills my soul. At least if I had a cubicle job on the road I could get my 8 hour day in a creative atmosphere where I am really motivated to work hard because I just love being EXACTLY where I am.

So we have spent the last two months in one state! Most of the time within 100 square miles and that feels odd! The desert has been so pretty to us. I took the ATV out for a ride the other day and came across a human footprint in the bedrock.

Okay Silence broken.  We will write more soon!

2 thoughts on “Work, Gatherings, Newness!

  1. I agree, Breaking social norms , Living in a Van down by the river is not very well accepted. Im reading and listening to all I can on the subject. 59% of all the homeless people in the US live in there vehicle. I think we need more blogs like yours for people who find them self’s living this way, a beginners guide, how to be happy and successful on the road. For what ever reason they are there, Adventure, getting out of dept or just because they love this and it’s in there blood. I like what Bob Wells talks about being a tribe and having the code of -all for one and one for all- do no harm.

    1. We love that idea, too! It’s interesting the various definitions of homelessness. I guess Chris and I are homeless, but we finally feel more at home than we ever have! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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