The Bare Necessities of Road Life – Top Ten Cupboard Essentials

The Bare Necessities of Road Life – Top Ten Cupboard Essentials

Beyond the basics of milk, eggs, and bread that we all associate with cupboard staples, we’ve gathered a list of some of the stuff that we cook with on the road all the time.  This list could be much longer, but this is the stuff at the tippy top of the list.  Enjoy!  


#10  Nutritional Yeast

Bragg Organic Nutritional Yeast is delicious, I put it on all kinds of things, but mostly morning eggs, veggie pasta, and sweet potatoes.  It’s full of B-vitamins and a complete protein flavor enhancer (in 2 Tbs there’s 8g of protein, WHAT??)

#9  Sriracha

For me, my cupboard is not complete unless there is a bottle of Srirachain it.  I would feel a little empty inside if we ran out of it, and even when the bottle is ½ full, I’m probably thinking about getting another at the grocery store.  Chris doesn’t do spice, but I could just use straight sriracha as a sauce on anything.  It’s especially delicious mixed with coconut milk.

#8  Turmeric

Turmeric is so many things that make me happy.  Its incredibly bright yellow (most importantly), anti-inflammatory, adds a rich flavor to foods (and did I mention it makes things bright yellow?!?)  We put turmeric in things like tea, eggs, curry, tamales, and those oh so well-known one pot dishes of whatever needs to get eaten.  If you’ve never had turmeric, you should give it a try!

#7  Fage

FAGE Greek Yogurt has been my favorite for a really long time.  I think it was the first greek yogurt I ever tried and fell in love.  My favorite is the plain yogurt, because I can eat it with anything and simple foods are happy foods.

#6  Annies Mac and Cheese

When you just don’t have the energy to put into thinking through dinner, Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese is always there for you.  I’ve been having some issues digesting pasta lately, but I always know that if Chris is hungry and I mention Annie’s, he’ll probably say yes.

#5  Oatmeal

I’ve always been one of those people who finds a food they like and then eats it over and over again for weeks, months, maybe even years.  Oatmealis one of those foods.  I never get bored of it.  I have gone through a few variations but usually mix it with protein powder, clove, ginger, and cinnamon and top it with peanut butter.  It keeps me full for a long time so I don’t get hangry mid-day.

#4  Carnation Instant Breakfast

Chris has a metabolism like a ten-year-old boy, and also thinks about feeding himself as much as a ten-year-old boy, so at a minute’s notice, he is starving and about to pass out.  We have these Carnation Breakfast drinks that he can have to revive himself.  It’s also an easy thing on the stomach, so if he isn’t feeling well, he can still get some calories from these.

#3  Questbars

I’ve been in love with Quest Nutrition Protein Bars for a few years now.  I never get sick of them.  They can be super expensive, but they are my favorite protein bar in the whole world.  My favorite flavors are chocolate chip cookie dough, double chocolate chunk, mint chocolate chip, and blueberry muffin.  They are super easy, high protein, high fiber, and when I realize I haven’t eaten and am starting to get shaky, I can have these bars stashed in the trailer and the truck so I always have an option that I love.

#2  Yogi Kava Tea

Yogi Tea, Kava Stress Relief is amazing and delicious and the best thing ever right before bed, or right after waking up in the morning, or with lunch, or any time at all.  It tastes kind of chocolatey/spicy/earthy and has a mild relaxing effect. 

#1  Fishpeople

This stuff is the real deal.  Talk about feel-good taste-good food.  If we are spending our days busy hiking or biking or just hanging out, and all the sudden dinner rolls around, these are the absolute best option there is.  This company actually tracks exactly WHERE there product is sourced from, and you can go on their website to see where the seafood in YOUR pouch came from, and WHO caught it.  Their customer service people are ridiculously kind and easy to chat with, and best of all it’s like having a gourmet meal you spent all day preparing, and all you have to do is put the bag in boiling water for 5 minutes.  We absolutely love these guys, and encourage you to check out Fishpeople and support this incredible business!


Thanks for reading!  If you liked this post, look forward to a Top Ten Recipes post coming up soon…

3 thoughts on “The Bare Necessities of Road Life – Top Ten Cupboard Essentials

  1. Never heard of fishpeople before. I find oatmeal so borung but never thought to add the types of mix-ins you mentioned. Im going to have to try that. Thanks for the share. Great article.

  2. Chia seeds and flax meal! I like oats but was never one to eat oatmeal. Ive been doing ketogenic dieting for a while and chia is common among ketoers as it is with vegans. I didnt think i would like it but finally gave it a try after finding a large organic package at TJMaxx( great place to buy high quality health foods at duscount).
    Well now Im in love with it.
    Mix with flax milk, frozen or fresh berries, chopped walnuts, cinnamon, and some erythritol to sweeten. The chia absorbs the liquid and expands turning into an oatmeal like texture but to me is fresher , lighter and more delicious tasting than oatmeal . Very Low carb, high protein and fiber and feels mild on my stomach.
    I also usually add some flax meal.
    Love your trailer to travelling home build.
    Trying to find you on you tube.
    Take care,
    Marla in New Paltz, NY

    1. Marla,

      Wow, that sounds really yummy and like something my belly would love especially on days its a little upset. We have used chia seeds in the past, too, but only sprinkled on stuff or in kombucha. We noticed you’re in New Paltz, Chris grew up climbing at the Gunks and has amazing memories of that area!

      Sending you the best!

      Chris and Melissa

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