This has been one of the most exciting, diverse and unplanned spring of our lives. Somehow it feels so busy as we have been juggling multiple ideas.


  1. Adopted a dog. Tobe was a 2 year old shepherd mix brought in from a kill shelter and his past was just fending for himself on a native American reservation. Known as a “res dog” he was extremely well behaved, and adorable. He played really well with all the dogs he met, arrived potty trained and was a good energy in general. It became evident that he couldn’t become part of our family due to Chris being allergic to his dander. If you followed our Instagram story you may have been aware of how difficult a decision this was for us. Haley is delighted she is an only child again.
  2. Installed solar on our trailer. 400 watts!
  3. Set up an Etsy online account to sell artwork that we are attempting to make. Things like a 120 Watt industrial glue gun, or 400 watt solder gun are now usable with our solar!  CLICK HERE 
  4. Our computers broke, and fixed themselves multiple times. It’s probably time for a new one so that we can upload video’s to YouTube faster. Currently we have been uploading a video for 9 days. Yes what takes you 45 minutes in a house to render and upload is taking us 9 days and counting. We are still only at 27% uploaded.
  5. Went to Mexico and returned.
  6. We brewed our first batch of kombucha!  We are now on batch 4, at a cost of under $.25/bottle vs. $4 in the grocery store!  We may write a post on our recipes here if anyone would be interested.  
  7. Finished the office desk so that it is at a height that works for computer work.
  8. Did our taxes.
  9. I ate up to four artichokes a day during sales this spring (2 for a dollar).
  10. Built a bed in the trailer that doesn’t interfere with transporting the ATV.
  11. Kitchen organization for road travel.  (Read; keep things off the floor more often)
  12. Brainstormed for days on end how to make enough money to live this happy perpetually. We proceeded to give things away for free on Instagram. We keep giving and some of you have been giving back! Thank you



3 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Dunno how computer literate you guys are but here are some free tools that will cleanup & improve performance. I use ccleaner every day, works great and has all sorts of useful functions. Be sure to say yes to backup the registry the first time you run the registry cleaner & read the comments on the source pages at the links. Take a look at your startup screen (under “tools”) to see what parasites you have running after boot. You should only see hardware drivers (like laptop pad driver) and your antivirus program functions (Avira is a good one). Anything else in there is probably not needed will slow startup & leech memory & cpu cycles.

    Clean up accumulated trash files:

    Tuneup (use if the above does not improve enough)

    Lots of other good programs available there. Might as well run an antispyware cleaner & defragment the drive after cleaning it. Install Avira/Bitdefender free if you are not using a good quality antivirus program like those that come with the puter which universally suck.

    1. Thanks. We found if we camp near highways we get good internet. But of course that means your not tens of miles into the woods. Striking a balance! Thanks for your info.

  2. BTW, download/upload speed is so slow because of the typical connection, it hardly matters how good your computer is. Only variable is the type of internet connection you get and even a crap computer can send info faster than the fastest cable connection if it works.

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