I’ve personally witnessed as a species we are trying to prove, to prove we know something and educate others on what we have proved. It appears this has occurred throughout much of history, and in school I never really cared to hear what others have proved, I wanted to know why they proved it. This made school very difficult for me, although I did quite well I saw incredible disconnect between what someone else proved and their reasons for doing so.  If I’ve heard it before, and you still can’t prove it, I just wonder why your trying to teach me. Maybe the only thing I’ve proved is that I am alive.  I’m fairly sure that is all that needs proving.  Glad that part is over.

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  1. Thank you, Chris, for sharing your thoughts here. I saw you and Melissa on cheaprvliving. I am preparing to live a life similar to yours, and the two of you truly inspired this woman in her 60’s to set aside fear and live. What a beautiful energy you and Melissa create– thank you!

    1. Energy attracts good people. Good energy. We are never at a loss for awesome people nearby! I bet you either!

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